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24 Hour Service for Emergency Calls

We will have someone call you within 30 minutes of your call-in and be on-site within the next 30 minutes if needed, or sooner.

Bucket Truck / Digger Derrick

We have bucket trucks to work parking lot lighting, ball fields of any type.  We can furnish and install steel poles, concrete poles and/or wood poles for site lighting or ball field lights - design and layout of same.

Parking Lot Lights and Ball Field Lighting

We have a maintenance program for maintaining your pole lights to save you money on replacement parts. We warranty all parts for 1 year after installation (and maintain records).  We can do a monthly or quarterly lighting schedule at no cost to you, after we set up an agreement on maintenance of lights.

Design Build of Electrical Systems

We can design your electrical system and work with your electrical engineer or one we work with.

Example: New construction on buildings, ball fields, or parking lots to meet any city ordinances for light cutoff.

TVA - Lighting and Power for Energy Savings

Thermal Imaging

We can check your electrical system for maintenance and preventative maintenance with thermal cameras.

Holiday Lighting

We install commercial Christmas decorations, reefs, and lighting.


We own all our equipment for trenching, excavating and installation of poles, in order to eliminate slow down of rental equipment.

Light and Street Pole Painting

We will paint parking lot poles with your paint or we will quote furnishing the paint as part of the job.

Sign Repair

We will work on pole signs or building signs.

New Construction

Commercial / Industrial